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Clubs & Activities

Mean Green Recycling Team

This group of students is selected at the beginning of the year by our counselor, Mrs. Biggens, and works hard throughout the year making sure that our campus in environmentally friendly! Every Friday these students come around to the classrooms to collect recycling! They are a very dedicated group that loves the environment!

News Crew

Led by our librarian, Mrs. Bayer, these students broadcast the news for us each morning! These Falcons are a very informative news crew letting the students and staff know what is going on each week, giving out reminders and starting our day off right! These are 4th grade students that applied to be on the news crew at the end of their 3rd grade year!

Student Council

Kids in red shirts posing for a picture

Safety Patrol

This team is responsible for bringing down the American flag from the flag pole in the front of the school at the end of each school day. These 4th graders also monitor the hallways each morning and make sure that all the younger students get to their classrooms safely and quickly.

Lego League

At Ford we have a 3rd and 4th grade LEGO league team! The third grade team, led by Ms. Leimer, has not yet been to competition but is working hard to practice so that we can do well! 4th grade LEGO league, led by Mrs. Doty, has already been to competition and advanced to the next level! They are currently collecting donations to save the Northern White Rhino as part of their LEGO league project. These students applied to join or were nominated by their teacher to join LEGO league in their previous grade (3rd graders applied in 2nd grade and 4th graders applied in 3rd). Grades, attendance and behavior were all taken into consideration when choosing the teams!

3 boys and a girl wearing blue shirts

Destination Imagination (DI)

The DI team is led by Mrs. Canales and is composed of 3rd and 4th graders with outstanding academics, attendance and behavior. These students tried out this school year to be able to join this team.

Girls on The Run

Girls on the Run inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Girls wearing pink and purple posing for a picture